Open Account

1. What types of trading accounts does Chuenman offer?
2. Is there any minimum deposit requirement when opening an account?
3. How can I open an account with Chuenman?

Account Transaction

1. How to deposit fund into Chuenman account?
2. When is the cutoff time of cheque deposit?
3. When will a deposit be shown at my account? When can it be used for trading?

Charge And Commission

1. Does Chuenman collect monthly or annual fee, or custodian fee?
2. How about other fees charged by Chuenman?


1. How to place orders at Chuenman Web?
2. What is the maximum lot size of a securities order?
3. Must I deposit fund before buying? Can I trade right after cheque deposit?


1. What types of statements are received by Chuenman clients?
2. How to view the statements?
3. Can I receive the statements by mail?

Mobile Trading

1. How to download Chuenman Mobile Platform?
2. Can I access Chuenman Mobile Platform when I am overseas?
3. Do you consolidate the Chargeable Real-time Quotes I use across different e-channels provided by Chuenman?

Real Time Quote

1. What realtime quote is provided by Chuenman?
2. What are the differences between paid quotes and free quotes?


1. What is the hardware requirement to run Chuenman Web?
2. Which browsers can run Chuenman Web?
3. How Chuenman Web protects client information and trade security?

Market Order

1. What is Market Order Service?
2. How is Market Order being executed?
3. Will the outstanding quantity of my market order being queued in the market?

Iceberg Order

1. How to set up an Iceberg Order?

Schedule Order

1. Can I place a schedule order?

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